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Students' opinions about the play "The Trans-European Express"

The Trans-Europoean Express


  • I liked the show because it was very funny, exciting and interesting.  The actors were acting so personally and naturally...When I entered the theatre I thought the play hadn't started yet but the exciting was that it had started and that was what I liked most of the show.

Ram Lakvuir. (Bat 102)

  • I liked the show because it was very funny and entertaining.  The name of the show was "The Trans-European Express" and there were only two main characters: Harry and Bob.  Harry, the main character was a rather lazy driver and Bob was a journalist.

Soufian Boussouf (Bat 102)

  • On Tuesday we went to the theatre to see a play.  I liked it because the actors spoke slowly and I could understand.  I think that the play was very original and they chose students to participate.

Alba Cano (Bat 102)

  • I liked very much the play because it was funny and easy to understand.  It was cool that our classmates could participate in the play without knowing it previously.  The thing I liked most was the documentary about the drinking driver.  It was funny.

María Protsyk (Bat 102)

  • Yesterday we saw a play called "The Trans-European Express".  It was performed by two actors and they explained the story about a reporter and a driver doing a tour around Europe by bus.  They chose some people from the public to help them with the play.  It was very easy to understand the characters because they talked slowly and pronounced very well.  I enjoyed very much the show because it was very funny, the actors were very nice and we had a good time.

Raquel López (Bat 102)

  • Last Tuesday we saw a play in the theatre institute.  It was called "The Trans-European Express".  It was very funny because the actors were very sympathetic and they chose students to help them.  The play was very easy to understand, the actors talked slowly and they pronounced very well.  I liked it a lot.

María Piñero (Bat 102)

  • This play was very original, the actors performed very well their characters but the best was to see five students from school on the stage.  I think it was a good choice.

Laura García (Bat 102)

  • I liked it.  It was very funny.  I laughed a lot when Xavi was performing Domi.  I thought that it would be boring but now I would like to see it again.  I missed the popcorn.

Javi Font (Bat 102)

  • The play was very interesting for many reasons.  On the one hand, the actors were extroverted, expressive and sensible people.  They performed a fantastic and very dinamic  show.  On the other hand, we had the opportunity to participate in an English activity.  So, finally I had a good time and I really enjoyed it.

Clara Sánchez(Bat 102)

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