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Erasmus Call (Convocatòria Erasmus)




El Puig: Our school institution


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We are a Secondary, High School and Vocational Training Institute in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Catalonia, Spain.


Erasmus in our institution


We receive Erasmus participants and also we send our staff and students as Erasmus participants.

To organize all these mobility programs we have a organised schema and staff. All details can be found in General Organisation section.


Studies we offer


We offer 3 degrees from two branches of high vocational studies:

  • Information Technology
  • Finance

All the information of our studies can be found in the Course Catalog


    Language policy and support for the incoming participants


    In order to make sure that all our incoming participants are aware of the language use of the institutuion and to provide appropiate language skills to the incoming participants we have established the Language Policy Page

    Also you can go directly to Self-learning guide 



      As we want our students to get the chance to study or train abroad, we have started a foreign languages program (PILE) to make our students improve their English level by teaching some subjects in this language. Some staff from both specialties are involved in this new challenge.


      As an expression of our commitment we publish our Erasmus Policy Statement along with our Charter where we establish our values, strategy and compromise.



      International Office