General Organisation

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International Office Information


Coordinator: Juan Morote Puente

Phone+34 93 189 09 02

General Organisation



We are a Secondary School and Vocational Training Institute in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Catalonia, Spain. We have Information Technology and Finance vocational high studies, and we want our students to get the chance to study or train abroad.

Language project called PILE

The Vocational section has started lately a foreign languages program (PILE) to make our students improve their English level by teaching some subjects in this language. Many teachers from both specialties will be involved in this new challenge.

Studies certification

To simplify the studies certification, our administration according to the European Community has the equivalence for the subjects in ECTS


Our structure to achieve a good implementation of the Erasmus mobility consists in five areas:

  • Administration and communication
  • Foreign contacts and agreements
  • Incoming mobile participants preparation
  • Outgoing students preparation
  • Traineeship contacts and agreements
  • Make visible our participation in European and International cooperation projects.


Erasmus coordinator

There is an Erasmus coordinator who is in charge of coordinating the different tasks and check if everything is right on time. This teacher convene the necessary meetings and is in contact with responsible people from the different areas.

Administration and communication

Administration and communication area consist of people from teaching staff, administrative staff and the necessary material resources. The main tasks are:

  • Prepare the information about the different courses, their subjects and the different languages used to teach them,
  • Prepare certificates for incoming students,
  • Prepare the process for outgoing students recognition studies when coming back.
  • Prepare the process for outgoing teachers recognition experience when coming back.
  • Solve possible administrative problems which might appear.


Foreign contacts and agreements

Foreign contacts and agreements area consist mainly of people from teaching staff. The main tasks are:

  • Search different interesting countries / regions for possible exchanges
  • Find possible inter-institutional agreements for study mobility
  • Find possible inter-institutional agreements for traineeship mobility
  • Find out possible different customs where our partners are located.


Incoming mobile participants preparation

Incoming mobile participants preparation area consists of teachers staff and students. The main tasks are:

  • Keep in touch with the local Catalan academy (l'Heura), to make the participants easier the local language learning.
  • Search different possibilities for incoming mobile participants accommodation.
  • Inform them about social activities, local customs, …
  • Help incoming participants in every problem that could appear.


Outgoing students preparation

Outgoing students preparation area consists of teachers staff. The main tasks are:

  • Keep in touch with the local Official Languages School (EOI Santa Coloma), to organize the future outgoing students foreign language learning.
  • Organize an English course before the beginning of the regular classes.
  • Give advice to the students about the process to achieve the necessary foreign language level.
  • Inform students about the different customs in the countries/regions where they will participate.
  • Help the students to choose the better institution for their education or training preferences.


Traineeship contacts and agreements

Traineeship contacts and agreements

  • Try to make agreements with current companies where our local student are doing their traineeship.
  • Find out any support that the company could need.
  • Find new companies that could be interesting for incoming participants
  • Keep in touch with the incoming participants company responsible to know the evolution of the traineeship.



Communication between all the areas has to flow easily. Some examples could be:

    • Administration communicates the next students arrival to Incoming mobile participants area.
    • Foreign contacts and agreements communicates new agreements to the Administration (to prepare the whole administrative process) and to the outgoing participants preparation (to find out the new different customs, to include new foreign language if necessary, …) and to the incoming mobile participants preparation area to foresee the new incoming participants needs.
    • Traineeship contacts and agreements communicates a new agreement (or a canceled one) to the administration, to update the courses catalogue.
    • Every single administrative problem will be communicated to the Administration and communication area.
    • Any evaluation at the end of the program will have to provoke a communication between the affected areas.