Catalan learning

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Catalan learning


On-line learning:


    • is a virtual learning space that offers all the educational materials for learning the Catalan language. The course can be done with a self-managed learning method (free) or a method with a tutor (paying).
    • Vincles is a book and a on-line web plataform that is a great help introducing the Catalan language. The book can be found in the library of the school.
    • Intercat is a collection of electronic resources for learning about Catalan language and culture, specially designed for students on mobility programmes who are visiting Catalan universities.


Presential courses:



Book materials and libraries:


Language parteners:

    • Language partenership between foreign participants and native speakers will be promoted from the school as a language exchange. So if possible interests match this might be a good way to start.
    • Catalan Language Partners This is program in wich a Catalan speaker volunteer gives her time in order that you can learn Catalan.
    • There are also several web pages where it's to find a language partner in Barcelona:





Translation tools: