Language Policy

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Languages used by the institution


Our institution is located in Santa Coloma de Gramenet which is a town in the nearby of Barcelona. In the classes, 3 languages are used: Catalan, Spanish and English.

Catalan: Catalan is the language of the Catalan region, where our institution belongs. Catalonia is a bilingual region and people understands and speaks both Catalan and Spanish. The Catalan language comes from Latin and is a mixture between Spanish, French and Italian. Any incoming participant with a good level of any of these languages (or even Portuguese) will understand Catalan in few months or even weeks, that's what the student might really need. To speak it and write will not be necessary. A little bit of Catalan, though, would be a great tool for relationships since Catalan speakers will gladly appreciate it. The school will provide facilities for the student so in a short time can understand the language.

Spanish: Spanish is the other official language of the region and the language that some other teachers may use. Our institution is located in an area which Spanish is more common than Catalan. Also most of our students use Spanish as their every day language.

English: English is used also for some few teachers. That's the beginning of an ambitious project to bring English inside the classes and internationalise High Education. So some teachers may give their classes in English or some others may use English course materials.

Language of each class


Each teacher chooses the language ( Catalan, Spanish and English) in which he or she feels more comfortable with.

The participant should not ask for a language in his/her classes, as in a restaurant, since is the participant who has to do the effort to adapt to the class. In the other hand our teachers are used to students from different backgrounds so they have skills to deal with it.

Languages that can be used in exams


The pupil can write his exams in any of these 3 languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.