Aiguamolls de l'Empordà

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Comentaris d'una excursió als Aiguamolls

Park of Aiguamolls de l'Empordà


  • What happened on 23rd March? The last 23rd of March, my class and I went on a guided tour in the natural park of “Aiguamolls de l’Empordà”. We because we needed information to do a classtask: “Crèdit de Síntesi”. Credit de Síntesi is a work to do in groups of three people. We arrived at ten o’clock in the morning. First we had breakfast, and the next moment the tourist guide gave us a dossier of activities. Afterwards we started the route, and we observed different types of animals as: Cames Llargues, Bernat Pescaire, Ànec Collverd, etc. We also watched the plants of the park. At two o’clock we had lunch and had a rest of one hour. Then we returned to work with the dossier. Finally we went back to school. Mireia Alarcón (3r d'ESO)
  • On 23th March we had an excursion to Marshes of Empordà. We left the High School at 8:15 h, and we rode on the bus for two hours. We arrived there at 10:15 h, and we had a break to eat our sandwiches. Later, we went to a classroom, where we left our rucksaks. Afterwards, we walked for three hours and we saw the three ecosystems (fresh water, salt water, and the beach). At 14:30 h, we went near the classroom to have lunch. Later, in the afternoon, we went up a tower, and we learned all the winds of Marshes of Empordà. Afterwards, we returned to school. I think that the excursion was OK, but I was very tired… Alba Jiménez (3r d'ESO)

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