Quatre clàssics

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Quatre històries clàssiques de la literatura infantil


Quatre clàssics de  la literatura infantil


1. The Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood was in her house with her mum who asked her if she could take a basket with a cake to her grandmother who lived in the other side of the forest. Little R.R.H. accepted. “Be careful, be careful in the forest”, said her mum, “because sometimes, in the forest, there are animals which may be dangerous. And don’t talk to unknown people.”

Little R.R.H. was walking through the forest, picking up flowers for her grandmother, jumping, dancing and singing happily for being in a pretty place, when suddenly, an ugly wolf jumped in front of the girl and said to her. “Where are you going?”. “Oh! I’m going to take this basket and these flowers to my grand mummy” said Little R.R.H. very scared. Then the wolf asked her what she had in her basket, and she said that she had a cake, cookies and jam. The wolf licked his lips. He told her that he knew the shortest way to go to her grandmummy’s house but he lied. While Little R.R.H. was walking along the long way, the wolf arrived at grandmummy’s house and hid her into the wardrobe. The evil wolf dressed himself with the nightdress of the grandmummy and he went into bed. The little girl came into the house, he saw her grandmummy a bit strange, in fact she asked the desguised wolf: “Do you feel well, dear grandmumy?” and the wolf answered her with a high pitched voice. She was a bit scared and suddenly the wolf jumped over her, she started to run and scream very loud asking for help. Then a hunter who heard the shouts got into the house and shot the wolf. Since that day the evil wolf hasn’t disturbed Little R.R.H. neither her family and now the live very happy all together.

Sara Román (2n de batxillerat)


2. The Ugly Duckin

Once upon a time there was a duck family who lived in a little lake. The mummy duck had six little ducks but one of them was different. All the little ducks were white and very beautiful but one was dark. His brothers realised he was different from them. He was dark, a bit thin and had small legs. He couldn’t swim and he was very dull, so he was discriminated by his brothers because all of them were great swimmers. But time passed and the winter came, the spring and finally the summer. On a shinning summer day the duck family went to swim in the lake but they realised that the ugly duck wasn’t with them. Suddenly a very big white duck appeared flying, all the ducks opened their mouths. The white duck was very beautiful and he started to swim very well. A swan mummy discovered that the white duck was her son and she said this to her sons. When the other ducks knew he was their brother, they swam very fast to stay with him and all of them lived happily ever after.

Mercè Escalante (2n de batxillerat)


3. The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time there was a family of pigs: Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and their three little pigs.

One day the three little pigs decide to leave their house and to start a new life far from their parents. They made their new houses. The oldest little pig made a straw house to finish soon and go to the park, the second little pig made a wood house, when he finished he went to the park to meet his brother. But the youngest little pig was more intelligent than his brothers and he made a stone house, he finished late and he couldn’t go to the park.

Some days later the wolf went to the straw house and the tried to eat the oldest little pig, the wolf blew and the house flew. The oldest little pig ran to the wood house, the wolf ran after him. They arrived at the wood house where the second little pig was. The wolf blew and blew strongly and the wood house flew. The two little pigs ran to the stone house. The wolf arrived at the youngest little pig’s house and he started to blow and blow, he blew until he hadn’t breath but the house didn’t move. The three little pigs were safe and the wolf didn’t eat that that day.

Ana Mayo (2n de batxillerat)


4. The Little Vain Rat

Once upon a time a little rat was sweeping her house when she found a coin on the floor. She was very happy and went to the corner shop thinking... “What will I buy with this coin?”

The little rat didn’t know what to buy finally she bought a red ribbon. When she arrived home she put on the red ribbon on her tail and she went out to the balcony to find a husband. Many animals passed in front of her house and she always said “no”. Suddenly appeared a handsome cat that said... Miaaaauuu, miaaauuu! With his very lovely voice and immediately the little vain rat fell in love with him and married him. But at night while the little vain rat was cooking, the cat ate her and this is the sad end.

Sara Alba (2n de batxillerat)


[Aquestes històries van estar publicades a la revista Sota el cel del Puig, núm. 2, febrer de 2001.]